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When Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Denied In Ohio

Accidents in the workplace happen. When they do, workers’ compensation benefits are designed to help injured employees cover expenses while they recover from their injuries or illness. But if your claim for workers’ comp is denied, there can be a lot of anxiety and stress as you figure out what to do next. Robert J. Dodd Jr., Co., L.P.A., was founded in 1981 to help injured workers throughout Ohio secure benefits during these stressful times. With more than 25 years of experience, lead workers’ compensation lawyer Maureen Dodd helps clients fight denials of workers’ compensation claims.

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Why Do Workers’ Compensation Claims Get Denied?

Claim for workers’ comp benefits are processed by Ohio’s Bureau of Workers’ Compensation (BWC) and can get denied for all sorts of reasons. Some of the most common causes for denial of claims include:

  • Your injury wasn’t work related.
  • Your employer wasn’t notified in a timely manner.
  • You failed to seek medical treatment.
  • There was a pre-existing medical condition.
  • Your application wasn’t submitted on time.
  • You failed to provide the BWC or self-insured employer with medical evidence which casually connects your condition to your work-related injury.

In addition, your employer may dispute your claim. As a business worried about the bottom line and profitability, there are underlying economic reasons why it is advantageous for your employer to fight your claim.

What You Can Do If Your Claim For Workers’ Comp Is Denied

It can be frustrating and stressful when you anticipate benefits and assistance, only to have your claim denied. If your claim does get denied, you will be sent a letter stating the reasons for denial. You have the right to appeal the denial. An experienced workers’ compensation attorney can help ensure that filing deadlines for an appeal are followed and the appropriate evidence is filed to support your appeal. With decades of experience and a history of successful appeals, let us help you with your workers’ compensation appeal and help you fight for the benefits you deserve.

Don’t Take No For An Answer. Let Us Help You Appeal Your Denial.

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