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What benefits can you receive from workers’ comp coverage?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2023 | Workers' Compensation

People in any line of work could find themselves in need of workers’ compensation benefits, even if their job isn’t traditionally considered dangerous. Every career comes with certain risks for professionals. Manufacturing workers could get hurt by equipment or develop repetitive strain injuries, while those in retail or hospital jobs may be at elevated risk of interpersonal violence.

Thankfully, the workers’ compensation system in Ohio serves as a crucial form of protection for those injured while earning their wages. Workers’ compensation benefits are available to most people who get hurt at work or who get diagnosed with a job-related medical condition. The following benefits are generally available when a worker files a legitimate claim.

Medical coverage

Many professionals have health insurance and could therefore overlook the true value of workers’ compensation benefits. After all, they believe that there is a party that will already help cover their care costs, so they may not see the need to pursue a claim that requires that they report the injury to their employer. However, most private health insurance policies pass financial expenses on to the injured party, which workers’ compensation does not do. People can enjoy full coverage with no co-pays or deductibles for all necessary medical treatments until they either eliminate their symptoms or reach maximum medical improvement.

Indemnity or disability coverage

A work injury often leaves someone unable to continue their employment, at least temporarily. They may need to leave of absence until their symptoms subscribe. In some cases, they may need to switch professions. People can make a claim for lost wages when they are totally unable to work, and they can also qualify for partial disability benefits when they need to accept lower-paying work because of the limitations created by a job-related medical issue.

Although there is paperwork involved, seeking benefits can be very useful for those who are coping with work-related medical issues and are worried about their financial solvency until they recover. Ultimately, filing a workers’ compensation claim can reduce the financial hardship someone experiences when they develop a health issue related to their employment in Ohio.