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What if my employer denies my workers’ compensation claim?

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2022 | Workers' Compensation

Most workers take for granted that they have the protection of workers’ compensation if they get hurt or their job causes a work-acquired medical condition like carpal tunnel syndrome. Ohio state law mandates workers’ compensation protection for employees ranging from first-day workers fresh out of high school to part-time workers already retired from their primary profession.

When someone gets hurt at work, they can apply for both medical and disability protection through workers’ compensation. Unfortunately, some workers do not get the benefits they expect when they file a claim. Instead, their employer fights their request for workers’ compensation benefits. The denied claim will leave a worker burning through their paid time off and using medical insurance of their own resources to pay for their care.

What are your rights when an employer attempts to deny you coverage for a medical issue related to work?

You have the right to appeal an unfair decision about your claim

Just as Ohio requires that employers provide workers’ compensation coverage, the state also protects workers unfairly denied benefits that they need. Both parties involved in a pending workers’ compensation claim have the right of appeal after the initial decision on a claim.

Typically, you will need to file special appeal paperwork within 14 days of the unfavorable decision to initiate an appeal. The appeals process gives you an opportunity to present evidence and connect with the benefits that you require for your recovery, including medical coverage and disability benefits.

When you already know that you will face an uphill battle because your employer wants to deny you benefits, you may need to bring in professional support. You can hire an attorney to represent you during the appeals process. Doing so will help show that you intend to get your benefits and will make it easier for you.

You won’t have to prepare to negotiate yourself or learn more about Ohio procedural standards. You can rely on an attorney to handle those details for you and advocate for you to get the benefits that you need. Understanding how the law protects you can help you take the right steps when an employer on fairly denies a claim for workers’ compensation benefits.