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How an attorney helps you in securing SSD benefits

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2021 | Social Security Disability (SSD)

fThe deterioration of your health has caused growing concern within your family. After using up a good chunk of your vacation and sick time, you realize that your ailments likely will prevent you from working for a long time or ever again. Seeking Social Security disability (SSD) benefits is the option you will take.

But this represents unknown territory for you. Who do you turn to for advice and insight? An attorney will serve as your major advocate, answering your questions, helping you fill out applications and explaining the rules and details regarding SSD benefits.

Guidance in application and appeals processes

An experienced attorney understands the inner workings of the Social Security Administration (SSA) along with the medical and financial difficulties you and your family face. Your family counted on your income, but now you no longer can work.

Here are some of the ways in which an attorney can help you obtain SSD benefits:

  • Verifying whether your physical or mental ailment qualifies you for SSD benefits. There are numerous ailments on this list and include heart ailments, asthma, arthritis, cancer, autism, anxiety and depression.
  • Assisting you with the application process. The SSA provides many documents that you need to review, complete and submit. Your medical records also are necessary to support your claim in seeking benefits.
  • Letting you know the monthly amount of SSD benefits you shall receive. Much of this depends on the longevity of your working career and how much you paid into the SSA system. The SSA’s more recent statistical report disclosed that the average worker in 2019 received almost $1,258 per month. Men received an average of $1,384 in monthly benefits, while women received $1,128.
  • Providing guidance if an appeal is needed should the SSA deny your claim. Remember that two-thirds of all first-time applicants have their claims denied. You have a good chance to win that appeal, too.

An attorney serves as the knowledgeable advocate that you need when you require guidance in seeking SSD benefits. You and your family need this money to help you get through this difficult time.