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I’m unsure about this job-linked injury. Should I see a doctor?

On Behalf of | Sep 13, 2021 | Workers' Compensation

Much employment in Ohio entails either occasional or persistent physical efforts. That is routinely true for workers engaged in factory positions, the construction realm, the transportation sphere, broad-based service industry postings and scores of other jobs.

Indeed, few work positions – including even office jobs – are absent some level of physical exertion.

Maybe you are an Ohio resident whose daily on-the-job duties sometimes take a toll physically. Such is commonly the case regarding things like lifting, twisting, carrying, bending, turning, reaching, repetitive movements and so forth.

Isn’t it a common inclination among most of us to try to downplay the pain and challenge that can result from a work-related injury? Many people try to dismiss on-the-job injuries, hoping they will just go away or can literally be worked through.

A proven Ohio personal injury and workers’ compensation legal source notes additionally that workers sometime stay on the job while injured because they “fear being fired, missing work or experiencing retaliation.”

Not speaking up regarding an on-the-job injury can be a costly mistake on many fronts.

Workplace injuries need to be chronicled and dealt with

Here’s a scenario: You incurred a workplace injury and are vacillating over whether to see a doctor. Your ailment doesn’t seem major, but it is persistent and certainly not going away. Moreover, it does seem to be getting progressively worse.

Should you seek medical attention?

Short and unequivocal answer: Yes, and immediately.

For starters, you might be underestimating your ailment and legitimately be needing medical care. The above-cited source stresses that, “Delaying or forgoing medical treatment could result in your injury intensifying and could cause lifelong damage.”

There are additional things to consider, too. Key to note is that most work-tied injuries enable an afflicted party to receive workers’ compensation benefits applicable to lost work time, medical bills and more. An injured employee needs to take advantage of his or her legal rights. Failure to do so can incur material detriment from a health, financial and professional standpoint.

Reaching out for legal help following a workplace injury

Being proactive and timely about seeking medical help and filing a workers’ compensation claim following an on-the-job injury is critical for ensuring an ultimately just disposition. An experienced workers’ comp legal team can provide further information.